The easiest way to share pictures of your kids!

Sharing pictures of your loved ones was hard. Grandma has email, grandpa can barely turn on the television, and your uber-cool brother won't look at anything unless it's on social media. Now you can share pictures with all of them using just your email address. No apps to install, no special websites, just the camera or phone you already own, and a simple email shares your precious memories with all your friends and family.

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Why KiddiePic

We're parents just like you, who wanted an easier way to share pictures of our children. With friends and family scattered around the world, we created KiddiePic to be the easiest way to share memories. Find out more by reading the KiddiePic Proclimation.

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How it Works

KiddiePic provides a special email address. When you send pictures to this address, KiddiePic automatically sends them to your friends, family, and linked social media sites.

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Kid Pics 101

Taking great pictures of your kids doesn't require an expensive camera, special techniques, or advanced software. With children in particular, timing is more important than anything else. View our "Photography 101" series to learn more.

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